Machinery Customers

Giving you reassurance and peace of mind

The Machine Guard extended warranty is designed with you in mind. We created Machine Guard to provide reassurance and peace of mind for those working in the agricultural, construction, groundscare and associated industries.

When essential machinery suffers sudden or unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown, Machine Guard covers the cost of getting it up and running again as quickly as possible, saving you both time and money.

We offer three levels of coverage

Warranty Power

Coverage for the major drive train components.

Warranty Plus

Coverage for the major drive train components and the major hydraulic and electronic components.

Warranty Total

The most comprehensive coverage for new machinery only with additional protection for the chassis/main frame and electrical components.

Eligible ComponentsWarranty PowerWarranty PlusWarranty Total
Drive Line
Differentials/Final Drive
Hydrostatic Pump & Motor
Fuel System
Steering Pump
Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic Valves
Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic Hoses
Chassis/Main Frame

With manufacturer factory warranties on new machinery commonly expiring at 12 months and at just 3 months for used machinery, you run the risk of significant financial loss over the lifetime of your machine or equipment in the event of outage or failure.

Available from dealerships worldwide, the Machine Guard extended warranty offers bespoke coverage options for the core drive train and hydraulic components with additional protection available for the chassis/main frame and electrical elements, amongst many other component coverages.

Our extended warranty is transferable to subsequent owners, making it the ideal solution to protect your assets over the long term and, at the same time, add resale value to your machinery.

A History of Innovation

As the preeminent provider of machinery extended warranties, we are continually thinking of new ways to make customers’ lives easier through innovation. We have developed a number of unique coverages and products including the Season Protect warranty for the Agricultural industry.

Season Protect is a short-term derivative of our core warranty product which allows farmers to protect their harvesting equipment for the critical three-month harvest period. As much of this equipment does not get used throughout the rest of the year, it can sit idle for many months at a time. Season Protect gives farmers the reassurance that when they do come to use it at such a critical time of year, the machinery is protected from sudden or unforeseen breakdown.